Publication 8.9.2023

25 Zemlinsky: At Midnight
21 Rudolph Ahle: Jesus dulcis memoria
01 Strattner: I will praise the Lord always
04 Rosenmüller: Have your pleasure in the Lord
02 Nicolaus Adam Strungk: Sonata a 6. Viol.
16 Antonio de Cabezón: Pavana Italiana
03 Gaspard Sanz: Hachas
01 Rosenmüller: Dear Lord, wake us up
02 Introit: Ad te levavi animam meam
05 Christopher Simpson: Corant
19 John Bull: Chromatic Hexachord Fantasy
06 Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Amour, viens animer ma voix! (Air)
16 Lalande: Chaconne Les Fontaines de Versailles
23 Joh. Philipp Krieger: I will go in peace
22 Clemens Thieme: Sonata a 5

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