Inspired, competent and versatile, we've been playing through the realms of viola da gamba music with great enthusiasm for 24 years. Using only natural materials such as wood, resin, hair and gut, we elicit fascinating sounds from our instruments. (audio examples)
In our concerts you will experience musical sidesteps with thematically diverse Programmes.

With musical experiments, such as the adaptation of Spanish organ works for viol consort, borrowings from other epochs or the combination of music, dance and texts, we play our way into the hearts of our listeners.
In 2022, we will be presenting our very special "Dreams and Visions" before. We funded this cross-disciplinary concert experience with a scholarship from the German Music Council as part of the funding programme New start culture was launched.

We like to remember  We remember numerous international performances, for example at the Festival for Early Music in Daroca/ Spain or the Early Music Festival Stockholmas well as in Austria and Switzerland. On our CDs world premiere recordings, among others, can be heard. We are proud of the recognition of the international Press.
Performing as a pure viola da gamba ensemble is just as much a pleasure for us as working together with our international musical guests. 
The love for the unique sound spectrum of our instruments and for viol music, which touches us again and again, connects us with our steadily growing audience.