16 March 2021
Totally overwhelmed by the many orders for the Strattner CD and the enthusiastic feedback about this music, almost all the contributors, together with our equally enthusiastic producer from Note1, Joachim Berenbold, met today for the digital CD christening. The official launch will take place on 7 May and we are already looking forward to the reactions of the media.

14 March 2021
On Tuesday, 16 March at 8.00 pm, Les Escapades will take part in a concert that will be accompanied by the insistent plea "Grant us peace" commemorates the victims of the air raid on the city of Würzburg in the last days of the war on 16 March 1945. Under the direction of KMD Christian Heidecker, you can hear music by Matthias Weckmann and Heinrich Schütz from the church of St. Stephan.
Unfortunately, attendance is not possible, but you can attend the concert in the Livestream of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation directly from St. Stephen's or afterwards in the Media library experience. A direct link is available shortly before the concert on the page

9 February 2021
Hooray! Soon our Strattner CD will be ready! Internally, it will be available from mid-March. The official release for the trade has been scheduled by the publisher for 7 May. You can find out more in our February newsletter. On our YouTube channel you will find a Audio sample.

7 November 2020
We were courageous and responsible. And we would like to continue to be so. Unfortunately, the general development of the infection figures and the answers our politicians have found to them have now also taken away our last concerts this year. Everything has been cancelled until further notice.

4 October 2020
It is with great pleasure that we announce that our Strattner project has been successfully completed!
Our top-class ensemble with Miriam Feuersinger and Monika Mauch, soprano; Alexander Schneider, alto; Daniel Schreiber, tenor;
Markus Flaig, bass; Cosimo Stawiarski and Christoph Riedo, violin; Simon Linné, theorbo; Evelyn Laib, organ and the viola da gamba consort Les Escapades was also heard in a concert in the Stadtkirche Durlach before the CD recording.
"Expressive, human and direct" describes Christine Gehringer in the Pamina Magazine this musical discovery.

We are proud and happy that we were able to turn to this precious music with courage and confidence in these very special times.
We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all donors for their financial support in this endeavour!
We will announce the date of the CD release in good time in our newsletter. If you are interested, please register under

17 July 2020
The gradual easing gives us hope that in September we will be able to hold our big Strattner project  with concert and CD world premiere recording.
Our management is currently busy with the final project planning. We are being strongly supported by the musicologist and artistic director Cosimo Stawiarski, the Protestant Adult Education Karlsruhethe Baden State Library (SU), the Protestant City Church of Durlach, our sponsoring association Friends of viol music e.V.  and some sponsors.
Unfortunately, many companies that were âintendedâ have withdrawn their funding due to the Corona crisis.
We therefore hope that more committed supporters will follow our call for donations in the remaining weeks. A donation receipt will be issued.
Bank details (Sparkasse Karlsruhe):
DE19 6605 0101 0108 2978 05

2 July 2020
âNirgends klagt sich es so schönâ writes Christine Gehringer today in the Pamina Magazine about our concert programme âTears of the musesâ. As one of the first ensembles in Karlsruhe, we ushered in the round of ânew concert formsâ. It was great that we were able to look at so many happy faces. The relief was overwhelming to finally be âlive-lineâ again. A huge thank you to our circle of friends who managed the hygiene regulations and the pitch instructions!!!

14 June 2020
Since yesterday our Music video online! Here you will find Programme & Lyrics
And our anniversary concert can take place! Whoo-hoo!

28 May 2020
How mercifully empty our initially well-filled anniversary concert calendar has become.
Sad is thatâ¦
But we wouldn't be the Escapadas if we hung our heads. So we keep an eye out for easily accessible side paths.
In a separate YouTube channel we have prepared the music, which is already floating around on the net, with beautiful photos.
Last Friday we recorded a short video with the soprano Monika Mauch, which will soon be available on the
Tourism page of the city of Karlsruhe  will be on display. We thank the Karlsruhe Cultural Office and the Freunde der Gambenmusik e.V. for the great support!

18 March 2020
As early as 1732, Johann Gottfried Walther anticipated our current situation in his âmusical lexiconâ.
Yes, there is a general silence after all concerts and events for us musicians were cancelled last week.
have been lost. Increasingly, the rest of the population is feeling the effects of this crisis.
How long?

21 January 2020
Asamsaal Ettlingen: we had the pleasure of recording some consort songs with Julian Finckh on behalf of SWR and the Karlsruhe Händel Society.
It was fun!

9 November 2019
With the 15-year-old boy soprano Julian Finckh we gave a âspontaneous concertâ in the Friedenskirche in Karlsruhe. With English consort songs and vocal music by Dietrich Buxtehude and Christian Geist, the two-time national prize winner of the âJugend Musiziertâ competition captivated the numerous, very attentive listeners. Let us hope that this exceptional voice will last until 21 January. Then, with the help of the SWR and the Karlsruhe Händel Society, it will be documented in a recording.

14 October 2019
âMusic permeated by lightâ was the title of our concert in the press (BNN) as part of the 50th International Heinrich Schütz Festival, which this year was hosted by our city of Karlsruhe. Together with the choirs of the Christuskirche and the KIT under Peter Gortner and Nikolaus Indlekofer, the violinists Steffen Hamm and Gundula Jaene, the organist Stefan Fritz, trombones from Stuttgart and the tine player Arno Paduch, we dedicated ourselves to various settings of the 116th Psalm.
âExistential gratitude for this beautiful musicâ â not only from the audience, but also from us!

3 September 2019
At the beginning of September we were guests in Neustadt an der WeinstraÃe with Miriam Feuersinger and our extended ensemble.
The from Simon Reichert initiated Early Music Festival âNeustadter Herbstâ gathered international stars of the early music scene. And not only that: each concert was accompanied by a wine patron. Winegrowers from Neustadt provided the numerous listeners with their best wines. A great concept!
The fact that we have Rosenmüller-Programme âHave your pleasure in the Lordâ It fills us with great joy that we were able to be part of it.

20 July 2019
After wonderful concerts in Bregenz and Muri/CH at the beginning of June, our Night concert in Karlsruhe a very special experience. With Daniel Kaiser The atmosphere at the Rohlf organ in the Johanniskirche was very Spanish: the flair of the warm summer evening lent a very special mood to this late hour. The positive response of the numerous listeners, for most of whom our instrument was a new discovery, was a great pleasure for us.

After Frankfurt We were invited by the Allegra Agency on 7 July. With our Catalan guitarist Maria Ferré we played the Flores españolas in the Spanish tempered and sold out to the last seat cloister of the Carmelite monastery.

26 March 2019
A long cherished dream came true!
We are very happy that some of our âfollowersâ have gathered tonight for the
Foundation of the association âFriends of viol musicâ.
The association will now apply to the tax office for non-profit status.
and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it works out!!!!
Then hopefully there will be new info soon.

24 November â 24 December 2018
One-time special CD promotion!
All Escapaden CDs free of shipping costs at the price of 15 euros.

1 November 2018
âVon lauter Gnad und Güteâ â With music from the time of the Reformation and texts by Martin Luther, we were
in the Michaeliskirche Hildesheim.âThe tenor Daniel Schreiber impressed with his deep grasp of word and toneâ¦A coherent
Concert with sense and understanding.â was the headline of the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung (Birgit Jürgens).
Elisabeth Rabe-Winnen
, speaker at the Michaeliskloster, presented through the finely recited texts again and again
the connection to the music.
A special thanks goes to our viola da gamba colleague Laura Frey from Kassel, who had stepped in as a substitute!

26 July 2018
In the extreme summer heat, we helped to organise the â30th Sacred Musicâ in the cathedral of Heilsbronn.
We were thrilled by the art projects in this wonderful church.
In the liturgy, Dr Ulrich Schindler combined our music with the joyful message of the Gospel in the best possible way.
The fränkische Landeszeitung praised the âsensitive and expressive performanceâ.

29 June 2018
At the release concert of our Rosenmüller CD we had a lot of fun and such a great audience!
The listeners in the Old Catholic Church in Karlsruhe were extremely moved..
Miriam Feuersinger
enthused with her lively and intimate interpretation.

10 June 2018
Stockholm Early Music Festival
Wonderful ambience for our new programme âCatchy tunesâ in the Finnish church
Praiseworthy âMidsommarâ weather
Hearty atmosphere and lots of musicâ¦

more photos you will find in our Gallery

16 April 2018
Finally ready!
Our Rosenmüller CD can now be ordered from us. (In stores it will be available until 4 Mayâ¦).
It has become beautiful â outside and inside!

Thanks to all who have financially supported this daring undertaking:

2 February 2018
As of today, our Spanish CD âFlores españolasâ is on sale.
You will soon be able to listen to it on our audio page.