What strikes the clock?

Bell pieces for four viols

Original pieces and arrangements - Couperin, Byrd, Gibbons, St. Colombe, Rossi

Unravel the mystery of the chime and travel with us through a musical Europe! Since time immemorial, the ringing of bells has inspired numerous composers to translate this special sound into instrumental music. The viola da gamba offers decisive prerequisites for the endeavour to achieve the most perfect instrumental imitation possible:

The rich overtone spectrum of this instrument and the flexible sound design imitate the specific sound experience of a bell tone particularly clearly. In addition, the different instruments of the viola family, from the treble to the bass, can be used to make the ringing of bells of different sizes easily audible.

The characteristic ringing of churches and cathedrals, which is determined by the number, tuning and size of the bells, found its way into some compositions of the 17th century. Some of them will be heard in this concert. Let yourself be enchanted by the viola da gamba consort "Les Escapades" and the sound of bells on the viola da gamba with original works and arrangements by Edward Gibbons, John Jenkins, François Couperin, Louis Couperin, Sainte Colombe and other bell composers.

Photo: Bell in St. Mary's Church in Lonsee, Wikimedia Commons, Andreas F. Borchert